The Most Flexible Student Side Job.

Limited hours and good earnings!


We are looking for people with a,

  • Large social network
  • Positive ‘go get ‘m’ attitude
  • Punctual and accurate character
  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet

What do we offer?

  • Online training and support
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working together in a professional team
  • The chance to earn €1500 or more per month

Set your own working hours

Determine you own working hours. You can perfectly combine it with your studies. Even in the evening hours.

30 minutes per appointment

After that, our analysts and technicians will take over from you.

Make a positive contribution

Many elderly people have difficulty with the new digital world, so through us you make a social contribution.

And not unimportant:

You earn €15 net per appointment (30 min.)+ 7.5% commission on all sales from the leads you provide that come in through your own affiliate link.

We know from experience that the average order value is around €500.

The average commission amount is therefore €37.50 per sale.

In your own dashboard you can see what your earnings are and when you will be paid.


Is this work for you?

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